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A hackerspace is a place where people with common interests, usually in science, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and collaborate. A hackerspace can be viewed as an open community lab, workbench, machine shop, workshop and/or studio where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to share resources and knowledge to build/make things.

- Wikipedia

Pvince-hive13-logo Or as I like to put it, hacking is like coworking, only with more power tools.

Hive13 is the Cincinnati hackerspace, and in just a few short months has become a hive (pardon the pun) of assembling, programming, painting, cutting, and soldering, to name a few activities.

They have a blog, but the real action is collected on the wiki.  From building their own CNC router to modding an RC toy car to become self-guided, there seems to be no shortage of energy or ideas.  If parties are your thing, there’s plenty of those with home-brewed beer (of course), console game nights (Nintendo 8-bit and up), and tabletop game nights (board & RPG games).

IMHO, hacking is akin to coworking in that its mission is to bring together creatives with different backgrounds and skills together to learn and build community.  Cincinnati is for the better with Hive13, and we hope to duplicate at least some of their success with Cincinnati Coworks. 

If you like the smell of solder in the morning, I highly suggest you check ‘em out.

More photos or video tagged with hive13 on Flickr

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3 Responses to Hive13 → A Cincinnati Hackerspace

  1. Andy says:

    Love the 2nd photo. Particle board + LEDs + Kentucky Tavern = good times.

  2. XiO2 says:

    As a member I can tell you it has only just begun. We are also planning to set up a DIY research facility for alternate energy and biology. Think HHO generators, photo-bio-reactors, and splicing genes. One of my goals is to increase lipid production in whatever algae strain we choose. Thus increasing the amount of viable biofuel.

    Feel free to stop by our weekly meetings on tuesdays.

  3. anna says:

    Videogames, RPGs, & creative projects… that sounds awesome. I’ve been wondering if there’d be much of a place for a design-type (myself) who wants to learn 3D modeling. I need to leave my hermitage one of these days.