Quirky Qwirk &, Uh, Sandy Sandbox

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A couple weeks ago Bill and I ventured north to Columbus, OH to gain some coworking knowledge from those who have gone before; namely, Qwirk Columbus and Sandbox Columbus.  As said in an earlier post, there was no shortage of possible spaces to choose from.  The primary limitation was time.  As it was, we picked the ones were looked to be most closely aligned with our own goals.

We found Qwirk on the second floor of a little brick building in German Village.  Neal greeted us upon our arrival in the morning.  Turns out the space was formerly a real estate office, so as luck would have it a suite full of private office rooms were already built out when Qwirk moved in.  After a little tour, we sat down in the conference room and Neal answered all our questions about his experience.  Thanks, Neal, you were exponentially helpful.

Qwirk sign

Photo from RubyNuby/Flickr

After a lunch break, we followed the GPS to Sandbox Columbus, just off the main drag in Short North in a little alleyway.  David gave us a quick tour.  The main space was painted entirely white.  A half-dozen large islands of desks filled the area, except for one corner containing some black leather sofa furniture.  A modern conference area, drop-in area, full kitchen, and eating area rounded out the space.  I could not forget to mention of course the namesake sandbox at Sandbox Columbus, complete with beach ball, pail, and shovel.  After the tour, David took us on a walk up the block, and we chatted about coworking.

Thank you, Qwirk and Sandbox.  We hope to find at least some of the success that you’ve already achieved.  And if you find yourself in Cincinnati in need of a desk for a day, you know where to call.

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