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Cincinnati Coworks is in need of charter members!  This is the real deal folks, and we are serious.  We intend to open in the Woodburn Ave. space.

We started with a single, one-time day of coworking and had 17 people show up.  We started coworking once/week, and had many visitors and 3-4 regulars.  Then, we moved into the cozier 3rd floor, which allowed us to cowork 5 days/week!  And a couple of those regulars made that their everyday home for working.  It’s now time to get a permanent home.  It’s now time to get a space where we can interrupt each other with ideas, make lunch plans, have meetings, make phone calls, and have parties.

Cincy Coworks - Not just for working

We’ve (hopefully) been transparent and level throughout, and this is no different.  On the Join page is our Letter of Intent.  It is not a contract.  If you sign one and recant later, no one is going to hunt you down (though you may get a dirty look or two).  The Letter of Intent’s purpose is to let everyone align on expectations.

How did we come up with the membership fees and this charter offer?  We sat down and created a list of everything we felt we needed upon opening (e.g. 1st month’s rent, deposit, desks and chairs) and a list of expenses we felt we’d incur month-to-month.  Then, we based the charter proposal and monthly membership price on that.  Since this is a 100% bootstrapped effort, if there is interest in paying above and beyond the minimum that we’re asking for – for example, a one-time donation, or several months of pre-payment – we’ll figure out what the return for that gesture would be.

And don’t worry, the drop-in rate will still be $10, same as it has always been.

Why might you sign up?  If you are tired of working out of your home and want to collaborate with others, yes. But also, you need to sign up if you believe in our vision.

Send in your letter now!  We intend to hold an evening information session soon to meet some new people in person, and to answer questions. Nothing fancy – we’ll just pick a time and place. If you any concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact me directly or use the channel of your choice.

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