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It Was A Bustling, Inaugural Coworking Day

Posted under , , , on October 9th, 2009 by gerard 1 Comment

If you missed our inaugural day of coworking last week at Venue222, you missed a bustling, energetic day of activity.  If you attended, you saw: some people working with their headphones on all day long. periods of networking and long conversation. a group of coworkers grab the big table in the back room and fill […]

Is Coworking Trending?

Posted under , , , , on August 26th, 2009 by gerard 3 Comments

Gee, it’s hard to tell from the 9 SXSW Interactive panel submissions (8 on the search results plus this one).  But that’s just one conference.  Todd Sundsted has taken the time to give us a graph tracking the number of tweets that mention "coworking."  You can see the growth for yourself. And of course there’s […]